Shubhendra & Saskia Rao Foundation

Shubhendra & Saskia Rao Foundation is a dream-come true for internationally renowned artists, Pandit Shubhendra Rao and Vidushi Saskia Rao-de Haas.

Music helps people interact more peacefully, increases their intellect and uplifts communities. The foundation believes that music should be a part of the main curriculum of every school and should be considered a necessity, rather than a luxury.

The husband-wife duo is hailed as ‘taking Indian music into a brave new era’. They have performed at prestigious music festivals and concert halls of the world. Pandit Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao-de Haas have experience of more than 30 years in music. The Shubhendra & Saskia Rao Foundation is their way of sharing the knowledge they have acquired about music and its power to help children to uncover their full potential.

Our Vision

is to make music the birthright for every child.

The Shubhendra and Saskia Rao Foundation wants to promote classical music, not in an isolated and elitist way, but by connecting it to today’s world, with an Indian sensibility and a global outlook. What the couple has learnt from and about music is what they want to share with as many people as possible and make it available to a wider spectrum of the society, especially those who do not have easy access to music. Their dream is to ensure that every child has access to good music education and takes pride in classical music and their rich heritage.

Our Mission

is to empower and uplift people through music.

Most children are unfortunately not exposed to their rich classical music heritage neither at home nor at school. The foundation’s mission is to revolutionize music education with a solid foundation in universal music concepts but with an Indian outlook. They work with international experts on music education to inspire the children. The foundation organizes concerts, seminars, workshops and other such events that help people understand the power of music.


Years of Knowledge & Research


Students Empowered


Schools Partnered Globally

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