Why Sangeet4All

All too often the learning outcome of a music program is equated with the number of songs children learn during the year.

Typically, the talented children sing songs at special functions and this is considered as the measure of success of music classes. This puts pressure on teachers to ‘keep up the school’s name’ and is not conducive for the morale in the classroom. In the Sangeet4All curriculum, learning happens in a holistic way to create a solid music foundation, sowing a life-long seed of love for music.

Music education is a process of discovery and adventure for both the teacher and the child. The accompanying background scores for the songs are attractive for public performances by the children. The instrumental pieces introduced in the second half of the year are fun for the performing child as well as their audience.

The Sangeet4All curriculum encourages performances by all children to instill confidence in them. However, these performances should be conducted in the spirit of sharing without putting undue pressure on child or teacher.

Why Indian Music Matters

India’s children belong to one of the richest cultural heritages of the world. Our classical arts provide a bridge from the past to the present, shows us the best that our culture has created and provides a strong foundation for identity. Indian music can also boast of having perhaps the most complex system of rhythm, melody and improvisation available today.

Importance of music in child’s life.


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